Janab Manzoor Alam saheb,
As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah
I have had the honor of meeting you in Jeddah in Tameem's office.
I was recently in Kodangallur and prayed in this masjid. I am attaching some pictures of it. What will be good is if we can also find hadith references to Perumal Kulasekharan's meeting with RasoolAllah (SAS) and accepting Islam.
The story I heard in Kerala when I was there is that he accepted Islam at the hands of Malik bin Deenar (RA) and then proceeded to meet RasoolAllah (SAS) and died enroute at Salala without being able to meet the Prophet.
Also what will be very good is if someone can find the grave of Cheranan Perumal in Salala and send us pictures of it.
Yawar Baig
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