Dear Sir,


This is to congratulate you on your party’s impressive performance in both Kerala and West Bengal. This indicates that your party’s concern for the welfare of the masses has been recognised and rewarded by the electorate.


Sir, we have the confidence that your party is fully cognizant of the issues and problems affecting the underprivileged classes, including the minorities, which in turn includes the Muslims of India. Your party’s victory shows that the people want a constructive, pro-poor, pro-weak agenda.


We feel happy about the results, especially in the light of the assurance we got from you regarding consistent action to alleviate the difficulties of all underprivileged classes, including Muslims.


Finally, we would like to request you to refer to our letters of February 24 and April 8, 2006 in which we have detailed some of the focal areas requiring sustained action.g



With regards,


Yours sincerely


Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam

General Secretary