Religion and Law Review

Founder Editor :Prof.Tahir Mahmood

Consultative Council, RLR

Qazi Mujahid-ul-Islam Qasmi,President Islamic Fiqh Academy & Chairman ,All India Muslim Personal Law Board

Justice Aziz M Ahmadi Former Chief Justice of India

Syed Amin-ul-Hasan Rizvi Former Editor Radiance Views Weekly, New Delhi

Dr Saleha Mahmood Director, Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs Jeddah ,Saudi Arabia

Dr Christian W.Troll Catholic Academy Berlin, Germany


Religion and Law have always been inter-related. There have been times when all Laws was based on and emanated from religion. Even today various systems of Laws across the globe draw their provisions ,to varying degrees from  religion. Human traditions has ,of course changed. Once upon a time religion wholly controlled the law; today in major parts of the world law control the scope and sphere of religion. The relationship between two everywhere remains intimate, intricate and intriguing. And the study of the changing perceptions of this relationship is indeed fascination.

This new Journal-Religion and Law Review-specialises in all that can be put under the compendious heading of "religion and Law" It will cover inter alias the following:

   legal aspect of religion

  religious aspects of law

   historical contribution of religion to law

   place of religion in legal system: past and present

   legal parameters of religious activities*

   religion law and state: mutual relationship

   religion based and religion related laws

   survey of religio-legal institutions

   review of religio-legal literature**

We are happy to release this maiden issue of the Religion and Law Review.

It will be a bi-annual periodical. The next issue will be appear in the winter this year.

We cordially invite scholars of religion and law all over the world to contribute to this venture of ours in the form of articles, note comments, report surveys, critiques, reviews and the like.

(Editorial :Volume one No.1 summer 1992 )

Tahir Mahmood



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