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You know the world today is getting drowned in a deafening roar of media noises, electronic and print. At a single moment there is more information accessible to most of us than we can ever hope to comfortably grasp or make sense of.

IOS Current Affairs (IOSCA) tries to sort out the news from the noise and put things in perspective for our readers to have a clear picture of issues and the political, economic and social dynamics behind apparently unconnected events (which are not really unconnected). This is for the news.

IOSCA'S articles section takes a more cerebral, in-depth, long-term view of current trends and issues driving them. Issues and developments are viewed from the perspective of the underprivileged, the minorities, the poor, the outcaste. On the global scene, the Third World point of view is taken seriously.

We also try to get you a feel of what is happening on the Net in our Cyber Surfing section.

The still developing Book Review section gives you an idea of what some of the influential books being published recently have to say on issues we think important.

Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam



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