The Institute of Objective studies presents a compendium of research themes pertaining to some specific areas in social sciences and humanities.A compendium of this nature is an essential ingredient of campaign to fostering purposive research to be carried out with the help of appropriate skills.As, a follow-up action strategy ,the scheme is taken up at two levels:(a)providing focus and perspective to research programme with clarity of purpose and parameters through identification of research themes and(b) evolving an appropriate methodology of research with an Islamic perspective .The Institute of objective studies has been seriously working for quit some time to carve out concrete plan of action at operational level in both of these areas. The said compendium reflects endeavor to achieve primarily the first objective.The work in this sphere of evolving appropriate research methodology is also in advanced stage.It is being handled separately .These efforts will provide practical guide lines to to mitigate a long standing crisis in thought and methodology faced by humanity in general and Muslim Ummah in particular.

The preparation of compendium may be viewed in the context of providing a clear perspective and focus to conduct researchers to attract research in the field of Social Sciences,Humanities and Law and to groom suitable research talent.The select themes are arranged according to disciplines and each discipline contains broadly four categories depicting themes concerning Islamic epistemology ;problems and issues relating to Muslim Ummah;national issues and finally the problem relating to humanity as a whole.These are at places,adjusted according to requirements of the discipline.Generally themes are elaborated through a few explanatory descriptions so that the scholars may grasp the focus and meaning of the theme.The success of this effort requires a wide circulation of the compendium.The IOS is pursuing the task to the best of its ability .However all those ideas concerning human,national and Ummatic problems are invited to provide helping hand for a wide circulation of the compendium.These themes are in a way setting the priority area of research activity of the IOS for the time being.The IOS linked the scheme of award of scholarships for Ph.D. and M.Phil.scholars of different universities in India with the themes, spelt out in the compendium.The scholars registered on these or allied themes are considered for the award of scholaships.Senior academics in various disciplines may also be invited to work on specific themes as sponsored research projects duly approved by various subject committees.Major and minor projects may be invited from all categories of researchers for providing financial assistance to work on these themes.Ad-_hoc and partial grants may be given to meet out financial requirements of research and publication.Finally ,the IOS would evaluate and monitor progress in these areas periodically.And ,consequently the compendium would be revised accordingly from time to time,since at present it may be termed as primary exercise alone.

It would be not out of place here to mention that the Governing Council of the Institute of Objective Studies resolved to take up the project of preparation of the compendium on July 31,1993 and thus the compendium in its final form was approved by the Council on July 30,1994.During the period of almost one year ,a number of meetings of the Conveners of subject committees,listing the themes by respective subjective committees and conduct of two day workshop on the proposed themes and the format reflect the Quantum of effort in preparation of compendium.

The following important projects are at various stages of completion and publication:

  • Kalimatullahi Hiya Al-ulia (Allah ka Kalam hi Buland Hai)

  • Empowerment of Muslims in India

  • Encyclopaedic Compendium of Muslim Communities in the World

  • Role of Muslims in India’s Freedom Struggle Movement (1857-1947)

  • Weavers Struggling for their Survival.

  • Psychological Aspects of Youth Behaviour in the Contemporary Society: A Case Study of Jamia Nagar Locality:

  • The Making of Indian Civilisation: Enduring Contribution of Muslim Culture and Polity

  • 14 Centuries of a Glorious Legacy: Biographical Sketches of 1400 Outstanding Muslims Who Enriched Humanity

  • Masaadir-e-Seerate Nabwi-Parts Ist & IInd (under the project ‘Legacy of Islam’)

  • Empowerment of Muslims through Education (in Hindi)

  • Political Empowerment of Muslims in India (in Urdu and Hindi)

  • The Relevance of Prophet Muhammad’s Life and Teachings in an Insecure, Fragile World . (in Hindi)

  • Readings in Sociology

  • Muslim Women’s Rights in Indian Context

  • Towards Urban Swaraj: Enhancing Access to Urban Basic Services in Delhi

  • State, Criminal Justice System and Challenges to Individual Liberty: A Critical Evaluation of Criminal Statutes of last Twenty Years

  • Introduction to Psychology in Islamic Perspective

  • A Study of Inter-Community Prejudices among Muslims in Mithila region

  • Psyche in Islam

  • Uttarakhand mein Muslim: Chunautiyan wa Vikalp (Muslims in Uttarakhand: Challenges and Alternatives)

  • Anthology of Islamic Terms.

  • Legacy of Islam.

  • Indo-Muslim Historiography.


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