As part of its publication programme, the Institute publishes  Journals "Journal of Objective Studies" "Religion and Law Review" and an IOS Bulletin Human Rights Today.

The Journal of Objective Studies which is being published regularly since July 1989 encourages contributions from all scholars and students of Social Science and Humanities whose researches represent a normative and ethical orientation. It promotes free discussion and dialogue that is constructive in intent and conducive to rectification of our mistakes and redressers of our problems.

The Journal has carved out a place for itself amongst the Research Journals reputed for their objective analysis of various aspects of social concern.

Journal Of Objective Studies

The Journal- Religion and Law Review which was started in 1992 specializes in the study of changing problems of the relationship between Religion and Law. It covers inter alia the following:

Legal aspects of religion    

Place of religion in legal system

The Journal is gaining popularity amongst academicians, social scientists and other intellectuals. Its last special issue on "Hindutva" was particularly welcomed by all those interested in the study of Communal Problem of India.The Journal is edited by Professor Tahir Mahmood.  

Religion Law Review

IOS Bulletin Human Rights Today is  devoted to Human rights and Human Rights Education. Noted human rights activist and scholar Prof. Iqbal A. Ansari edits the journal. Five issues of the bulletin have been published till date.

Human Rights Today


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