Research Themes in Current Issues

  1. Islam, The Muslims and the Dalit Movement

  2. Distorting Islam: An Anatomy of Arun Shourie’s Works.

  3. Emerging Scenarios: A Futuristic View of India’s Next Decade

    • Liberalization: Its economic and Socio-political Impact
    • Social Tension or Caste/Interest Clash
    • Political Landscape: (Centre and some important states)
    • Judiciary – Is it Truly Unbiased?
    • Political Parties

    Where Do the Minorities Stand and what they ought to Do.

4.Towards A Model Muslim Leadership

  • A Critical Study of Muslim Political Leadership since Independence.
    • Muslim Religious Leadership since 1947: An Assessment.
    • The Model Leadership

    5.A Study of Malyana Massacre and Meerut Riots:

    • Factual Description
    • Cases Against Muslims Continue
    • Cases Against Hindus Dropped
    • Apathy of the State: Police not prosecuted; No worthwhile aid provided.
    • Apathy of the Muslim Community and Leadership
  1. UNO & Issues concerning Muslims
  2. International Development Agencies & the Muslim World Nuclear Proliferation in Muslim States: The Western Stance

  3. Cultural Imperialism & its impact on Muslim Societies

  4. Information Technology & its impact on Muslim Umma

  5. Clash of Civilizations: Islamic Vs. Western

  6. Indian Judiciary & Muslim issues

  7. Indian State & Muslims – A study of communal riots

  8. Reservation of Muslims: Bane or Boon

  9. Codification of Muslim Personal Law – Role of Personal Law Board

  10. Minority’s right to educational institutions & Judicial Bias

  11. Financial Institutions in India & Muslims New Waqf Act – Inherent Contradictions

  12. The Discrimination Theory - Myth or Reality

  13. Computer Literacy among Muslims – An empirical study

  14. Causes of Muslims’ Economic Decline in Post-Independence India

  15. Nehru’s Socialism: its Victims and Beneficiaries

  16. Identity Problems of Indian Muslims

  17. Will Negative Means and Approaches solve the problems of Indian Muslims

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