Research Themes in Islamic Philosophy

  1. A comparative study of Islam and Western worldview.

  2. Islamic concept of life (may be compared with other concepts)

  3. Quranic concept of man(may be compared with other concepts)

  4. Comparative study of Islamic and Hindu concept.

  5. A philosophical study in the nature of soul.

  6. Problem of dualism and its Islamic solution.

  7. Freedom, Determinism and Pre-Destination. In Quranic perspective.

  8. Argument for the existence of God: Reformation in the light of Quran.

  9. A study of necessary and sufficient condition of knowledge.

  10. .An appraisal of Quranic answer to Skeptism

  11. .Quranic approach to perceptual knowledge.

  12. .Islamic theory of punishment and its justification.

  13. .A study of Quranic concept of time.

  14. .Notion of peace and war: Islamic perspective.

  15. .Problem of evil and its Quranic solutions.

  16. .The problem of conflict of duties and its Islamic solutions.

  17. .A comparative study of theory of justice and according to John Rawls and Syed Qutub.

  18. .The nature and significance of Symbolism in Quran.

  19. .A study of existence (wujood) and essence (mahiyya) in Islamic philosophy.

  20. .Nature of miracles and Ghazali"s theory of causation.

  21. .Islam and Post Modern Philosophy

  22. .Islam and Philosophical Feminism

  23. .Philosophy of Social Science in Islam

  24. .Reconstruction of Philosophy of Science in the light of Islam.

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