Research themes in Human Rights studies

  1. Police Reform in India

  2. Judicial Reform in India

  3. Use of force by the police for mob control

  4. Study of the pattern of police firing in India

  5. Evaluative study of the Human Rights Movement in India

  6. Right of compensation to sufferers of Communal Riots

  7. Review of the Indian citizenship Act

  8. Legal protection of non-citizens: refugees, migrant members of divided families - in India.

  9. The need for Regional South Asian Human Rights Instruments.

  10. A plan for Protection of minorities under SAARC Human Rights Commission

  11. Review of the Indian Constitution in the light of the UN Declaration on Minorities (1992)

  12. Pattern of sentencing by law courts and the social background of the convicts

  13. A study of the pattern of prosecution under Section 153, 153-A, of the IPC

  14. The function of the National Human Rights Commission under Human Rights Protection Act 1993.

  15. The Functioning of the National Commission For Minorities

  16. Prosecution of culprits of major communal riots since 1980

  17. Protection of minority languages and scripts in India

  18. Forgotten massacres:-

  19. i. Moradabad 1980
    ii. Nellie 1983
    iii. Meerut 1987
    iv. Bhagalpur 1989

  20. Studies on discriminatory - exclusionary practices against Muslims

  21. Studies of representation of Muslims in discretionary appointments by the the Union and State Government on Commission. Panels, Boards, Committees and other influential-prestigious positions like vice-chancellors and Judges etc.

  22. International Law Instruments on Human Rights

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