Research Themes in Policy studies

  1. Education Policy-An appraisal from Islamic point of view

  2. Industrial Policy-Critical appraisal from Islamic Perspective

  3. Policy for Pollution control-An evaluation

  4. Population Policy in India – A critique

  5. Social security in India

  6. Labour Policy of Government of India

  7. Forest Policy

  8. Government Policy for small & cottage industries

  9. Agricultural policy of the government

  10. Tax policy of the government

  11. Policy fore prevention of monopolies and concentration of economic power

  12. Monetary policy in India

  13. Policy regarding management of cooperatives

  14. Policy for public distribution system

  15. Policy for pricing of public utilities

  16. Defense policy of government of India

  17. Policy for quality control

  18. Insurance policy of India

  19. Housing policy of Government of India

  20. Policy of public health and hygiene

  21. Export policy of Government of India

  22. Import policy of Government of India

  23. Policy for exchange rate and its impact on foreign trade

  24. Food policy in India

  25. Energy policy of Government of India

  26. Policy for development of backward areas

  27. Policy for ecological balance

  28. Income policy of Government of India

  29. Policy regarding mass media and communication in India

  30. Policy for human resources development of India

  31. Policy of Liberalization in India

  32. Multinational cooperation and Government policy in India

  33. Policy regarding foreign remedies ANRIs

  34. Banking policy in India

  35. Policy for preventing adulteration in India

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