Research Themes in Law

  1. Effect of conversion on job reservations and on property rights under the family laws in India-A critical study.

  2. Sources of laws according to Hindu and Islamic Jurisprudence -A comparative overview

  3. Environmental laws in major religious traditions

  4. Rights of labour and workers in the world religious traditions. Religious freedom under the Constitution of India.

  5. The place of religion under the constitutions of SAARC nations -A comparative analysis.

  6. Offences relating to religion under the Indian Penal Code-law and practice.

  7. Divorce by mutual consent under the family laws of India - A comparative study.

  8. Breakdown and fault theories of divorce under the family laws of India.

  9. Penal provisions under the statutes of family law in India.

  10. Offences relating to marriage under the Cr. P.C.& I.P.C with  particular reference to relevant provision in the     Evidence Act - A critical study.

  11. Legitimacy of children under the Indian laws - A critique.

  12. Rights of and processes for making a will - A comparative study of Indian laws.

  13. Legal measures for population control in India – Problems and   prospects.

  14. Laws on the management of major shrines in India - A comparison.

  15. Legal aspects of the Ayodhya dispute.

  16. Recent Indian laws on places of worship.

  17. Language problem in India - responses of the constitution and law.

  18. Indian Constitution on education and educational institutions - A study of textual provisions and case law.

  19. Children’s rights to maintenance - scope and enforcement under the Indian laws.

  20. Adoption and inter country adoption of children - nature, impact and  drawbacks of the Indian laws.

  21. Legislative curbs on dowry - problems of implementation.

  22. Inter-spousal cruelty - A critical evaluation of legal provisions under the penal and family laws of India.

  23. Christian Personal law in India - past, present and future.Protectionof Hindu religions traditions and institutions under the laws of India.

  24. Polygamy-law reform in the Indian subcontinent - A comparative study.

  25. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights-foundations, scope and  implications.

  26. Constitutional rights of minorities in the SAARC countries - A comparative overview.

  27. A study of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1971.

  28. Recent development law relating to women in India - An evaluation.

  29. Law & Judicial decisions relating to Waqfs and working of WaqfBoards.

  30. Lok Adalats extra-judicial settlement of disputes and modes of arbitration and alternate dispute resolution mechanism.

  31. Human Rights Legislation in India - An appraisal.

  32. Indian legislation on air and water pollution - A critique.

  33. A critical study of land ceiling legislation’s in Indian states-impact on personal laws & Vice Versa.

  34. Fundamental Duties under the Indian Constitution, background, impact and potential.

  35. Inter-religious marriages under the Indian law-theory and practice.

  36. Effect of marriage on women’s rights and status - A comparative study of Indian laws.

  37. Civil liberties in the SAARC States-comparative view of constitutional provisions.

  38. International law-provisions under the Constitutions in the Indian subcontinent - A comparative Study.

  39. Incest, endogamy and prohibited degrees in marriage-responses of  the Indian law.

  40. Landlord-tenant relations and tenancy agreements-basic policies and theories of the Indian law.

  41. French and Portuguese laws in force in India - A study of the place of civil law in the Indian legal system.

  42. Women’s rights and disabilities under the Indian laws of agricultural  property - A critique.

  43. Medical practitioner liability for negligence and inaction under the law of torts-the growing legal trends in India.

  44. Desirability of constitution of National Judicial Commission for appointment of High Court and the Supreme Court Judge.

  45. Desirability or otherwise of capital punishment for rapists.

  46. Uniform compensation to riot victims in the light of Delhi High Court judgment delivered by Mr Justice Anil Dev Singh in 1996.  Need of a Central legislation.

  47. Need of constitution and grant of statutory recognition to   Dar-ul-Qaza to lessen the burden on the Judiciary by suitable amendment in the Qazi Act or in the Family Court Act.

  48. Consumer Protection under the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act (MRPT Act) and Consumer Protection Act. - recent trends-wide interpretation of the term ‘service’ to include Medical Service also.

  49. Public Interest Litigation-use and misuse-thus far and no further-rule of standing.

  50. Separation of religion from politics in the context of the Representation of People Act and critical evaluation of the Hindutva judgment delivered by the Supreme Court.

  51. Sexual harassment to women at their workplaces recent Supreme Court Judgments-Implementation, Problems and Prospects.

  52. Arbitration law in India

  53. Preventive detention laws

  54. Special laws for disturbed areas

  55. Income tax laws on HUF - An evaluation

  56. Panchayat Raj legislations

  57. Law of evidence with special reference of ‘presumption of death’in the context of communal violence

  58. Police laws of India

  59. Constitutional provisions relating to Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes

  60. Citizenship law of India

  61. Law Relating to foreigners in India with special IMDT,Act.

  62. Law Relating to archeological monuments in India

  63. Election law with special reference to registration of voters & arbitrary delimitation of Muslim populated constituencies

  64. Laws relating to conversion.

  65. Laws relating to evacuee property and enemy property in India,  Pakistan and Bangladesh.

  66. Efficacy of Succession Laws and Social Reality: An Appraisal of Hindu Succession Act, 1956

  67. The Problems and Prospects of Awqaf Properties in India

  68. Emerging Role of Public Health Law in the New global Health Policy.

  69. Health Law, Disasters and Human Rights

  70. Surrogate Motherhood – Legal and Social Issues

  71. Non-Banking Financial Institutions in India – Problems and Prospects

  72. Bride Burning: Causes and Remedies – A Socio-Legal Study of  Aligar district of Uttar Pradesh

  73. Regulatory Mechanism of Securities Trading (With special reference to Insider trading in India)

  74. Political Stability in Parliamentary Form of Government in India – A Myth or Reality

  75. Causes and Effects of criminalisation and communalisation of   Politics – A Socio-Legal Study

  76. Trading in Human organs and organ transplantation – Legal an Ethical Parameters

  77. Right to information and democracy: Legal Position in India

  78. Human Cloning in Contemporary society: Some Socio-Legal Issues

  79. Hung Parliament and Economic Development – A Myth or Reality

  80. International Terrorism: Causes and Remedies

  81. Bonded Labour and Human Rights – A Socio-Legal Study

  82. Islamization of Banking law with special reference to Islamic Development Bank.

  83. Islamization of Insurance with special reference to takeful  operations.

  84. Towards a free comprehensive legal Education, with special   reference to Malaysia, Nigeria and India.

  85. Settlement of Muslim family Disputes: A case study of Malaysi Nigeria and India.

  86. Desirability or otherwise of a Uniform Civil Code in India.

  87. A comparative study of the Laws relating to children in India and Shari’ah

  88. Impact of Shariah laws on the legislation of family and matrimonial laws in India.

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