Research Themes in Education

  1. A study of purposes and characteristics of education and methods of teaching in Islam.

  2. A study of the needs and requirements of Muslim students in Indian public schools run by non-Muslim societies.

  3. Development of general principles of education as reflected in various verses of the Quran.

  4. Moral education as reflected in the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.

  5. Islamic education during the golden Islamic Period. (Prophet’s life, caliphate period).

  6. Aims and Objectives of Education: Quranic Perspective.

  7. Educational Philosophy of Quran/Ved/Upanishad/Gita/Ramayana and Guru Granth Sahib: A comparative Study.

  8. Educational Philosophy of Shah Waliullah/Maulana Azad/Dr.Iqbal/Maulana Maududi.

  9. Contribution of Muslim Scholars in shaping Modern Education.

  10. Status and Problems of Muslim Education during British Period.

  11. Study on Wastage and Stagnation among Muslim Students at Primary/Secondary Level.

  12. Attitude of Muslim students towards secular education/religious education.

  13. Study on status and attitude towards adult education among Muslims.

  14. A critical review of text books in relation to religious biases.

  15. Role expectations, level of aspirations and attitude towards education among students of secular and religious educational institutions.

  16. Problems of educational institutions run by Muslim Minority ands their remedies.

  17. The impact of socio-economic conditions on education of Indian Muslims and vie a versa.

  18. Comparative study of Christian and Muslim minorities schools and colleges, its administration & standard of education.

  19. Evaluation of the working of Madrasas in India

  20. Modernization of Muslims traditional society: A study in continuity and change.

  21. Social mobility among Muslims with special reference to education.

  22. Linking of education with the needs of the community.

  23. Development of curriculum pattern and course content for teacher education for preparing teachers for Madrasas.

  24. Preparation of a battery of achievement tests in Islamics for Classes I to VIII.

  25. State-wise studies of activities of Voluntary Organization for the promotion of education among Muslims.

  26. A comparative study of knowledge of Islamics of Muslim students studying in Government maintained and non-Muslim Schools on with studying in Muslim schools.

  27. A study relating to curriculum and educational standards of the Schools being maintained with the patronage of Jamat-I-Islami.

  28. A study of place of Urdu in curriculum in the first public examination conducted by different Boards of Secondary Education.

  29. A study of choice of subjects of Muslim students at +2 stage of education.

  30. A study of the History and development of All India Muslim Education Conference as a Voluntary education agency.

  31. A study relating to curriculum and educational standards of Madrasas recognized by Deeni-Talimi Council U.P.

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