Research Themes in Women Studies


  1. Marriage (Rituals and Customs) among the Muslims and other religions of India.

  2. Causes of delayed marriage and prospects for fewer births in villages of U.P./Bihar/Other parts of India.

  3. Marriage problems: awareness and conflict (Dowry, Alimony, Child marriage and Bigamy).

  4. Changing dimensions of life and role of Muslim women since independence in India. (Rural/Urban).

  5. Social interests and attitude of adolscent college going Muslim girls in metropolitan and middle order cities of India.

  6. Parents’ attitude towards girl’s education.

  7. Feeling of security and insecurity among Muslim and non-Muslim Women.

  8. Employment problems related to women i.e. mobility, family responsibility, discrimination, less remuneration and gender exploitation.

  9. A comparative study of Muslim husbands and wives with respect to their attitude towards family planning.

  10. Comparative account of women during Jahilia and Islamic golden period.

  11. The problem of working women and their economic independence in Indian Society.

  12. Muslim Women and their participation in the Society.

  13. Women’s Education and Employment in relation to the acceptance of changing gender role expectations.

  14. Labour Laws for Women Workers: Problems and Prospects.

  15. Position of Indian Women in their Personal Laws: A Comparative Study of Muslim and Hindu Women.

  16. The Need of Social Reform Movements for Women’s Development.

  17. The position of Women in Indian Society and the Role of the Police.

  18. Crimes against Women and the Police: Some Emerging Issues and Challenges.

  19. Attitudinal changes in Muslim Women (Social/Economic/Educational).

  20. Vocational educational for Muslim Women.

  21. Towards developing a positive attitude in Muslim women.

  22. Contribution of Muslim women in shaping Modern India.

  23. Incidence of polygamy and dowry deaths among different religions groups (based on survey to remove misconception about Muslims).

  24. Elimination of stereotyping of women in Media

  25. Women in the media : Participation & Projection

  26. Women in Literature

  27. Fifty Years of Independence: Status of the Girl Child

  28. Vocational Education: Pre-requisite for Empowerment

  29. Women’s Rights: The Indian Scenario

  30. Reconstructing School Curriculum: Focus Gender disparity

  31. Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child

  32. Women at work: Field Surveys

  33. Targeting Men: Building Gender Sensitivity

  34. Health and Women

  35. Survey of Governmental Institutions & NGOs  (The Indian Council for Child Welfare)

  36. 1999-2000 – The Decade of the Girl Child: Review

  37. Role of Family, Society, Polity and Law in the Liberation of the Girl Child

  38. Problems of Working Muslim women: Attitude of Husband, Role stress among working women and their remedial measures.

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