Research Themes in Islamic Studies

  1. Islamic and the West Interaction and the conflict

  2. Orientalist approach to Sirah of the Prophet (SAW)

  3. Ijtehad in face of Modern Challenges

  4. Human rights in Islam

  5. Women in Muslim Society

  6. Jehad and Orientalists

  7. Islamic Response to other religions

  8. Jalal Uddin Sayanti: His contribution to the Quranic Science

  9. Ijtehad in Shah Wali-ullah and Allama Iqbal: Perspective and Prospects

  10. Islamic Identity in a Multi-Religions Society

  11. Islamic faith of Jins and reality of their existence

  12. Practical aspects of Islam specially their pertaining to and bearing upon the present and the present day problems of living in multi-commercial societies.

  13. .The application of Quran in the normal every day life of a Muslim

  14. .Problems of Muslim civilizations and their solutions under Islam

  15. .Study of Islamisation of Knowledge.

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